• Are we able to secure the two front seats?

    Yes, we do offer the two front seats as an additional purchase of $50.00 per person, $100.00 per couple. They can only be purchased as a pair and there is a weight restriction of 380lbs combined.

  • Why do you recommend black/dark color clothing?

    Any light color clothing or clothing with lots of patterns will reflect in the window and you will have silhouettes of that in your photo. So dark would be best!

  • How many passengers do you hold on your helicopter?

    We accommodate up to 6 passengers. Weight depending.

  • Do you offer a Media Package and is it cheaper if you pay cash?

    Yes, we do offer media packages when you return from your flight. And yes, we do offer a cash discount of $60.00 or $74.95 on a credit card.

  • What is the difference between the West Maui Molokai Tour and the West Maui and Molokai (Special) Tour?

    The West Maui Molokai Special flight is only 45min and the regular tour is 60min. You will see and fly over more areas on the 60min tour than you would on the 45min tour.

  • How far in advance should I make my reservation?

    We recommend booking your flight 1-2 weeks before your desired date. If you are a large group of people (6+) it is better to book 3-4 weeks in advance.

  • Why do I need to purchase a comfort seat and how much does it cost?

    Due to the fact that helicopters are weight sensitive we are limited on the amount of weight available per person. Our weight restrictions are either per person or per couple. For a single person weighing 240 lbs or more a comfort seat is needed. If a couple’s combined weight is or exceeding 420 lbs a comfort seat needs to be purchased. The cost for the comfort see is the same price as a regular seat.  

  • What is the price for children/toddlers?

    It is an FAA requirement that any child that has reached their second birthday is occupied in their own seat. The price for children 2+ years old is the same as a regular seat. If your child is under 2 years old they are considered to be a lap child and are allowed to go at no additional charge.   


Door’s Off Tour

  • Can I take a Go Pro?

    Absolutely not! The only camera device allowed on our “Door’s Off” flight is a CELL PHONE. Air Maui will provide lanyards upon check-in.

  • Is there an age limit for this flight?

    Yes, 10yrs and older. Travelers who sit on the edge seating MUST be 16yrs and older.

  • Are sandals that strap around my feet okay?

    Yes, as long as your footwear is secured to your foot either around your ankle or to your heel. Sneakers/close toes shoes would be preferable and more comfortable.