This experience is a must!

Gunnar G - December 31, 2022

This one a once in a lifetime experience. You see different parts of Maui that you didn’t think was possible. The pilot and staff were amazing. Also learned great facts and history of Maui and Hawaii.
Highlight of our trip!

Luke T - December 31, 2022

Me and my family went on a doors off tour and had an incredible experience. Our pilot Richie was absolutely fantastic! His flying was flawless and impressive and his narration during the flight was top quality. And I have to say we loved his dad jokes haha. Great time. Thanks Richie!

Donnie9782 - December 30, 2022

Hands down best thing we did our hole trip. The pilot Dylan was awesome and we learn a lot about Maui from him. Thank for the great memories..
Doors OFF for an epic adventure!

Becca V - December 30, 2022

This was the highlight of our time in Maui! Every other waterfall will feel small and uninspiring once you’ve seen the falls on Molokai from the helicopter. Doors off was definitely the way to go - although if you’re scared of heights, like I am, I highly recommend you take a middle seat vs sitting on the edge. My anxiety level was high enough without being on the outside seat. My partner sat on the outside and he absolutely loved it - he’s also a thrill seeker and not afraid of heights. The chopper pilot was highly knowledgeable and the education we received was as great as the views. Highly recommend spending on this and making your Maui helicopter adventure as memorable as possible!
Maui trip

Shon - December 30, 2022

This was the highlight of our trip to Maui!! Our Pilot Vince was amazing!!! His knowledge of the islands and their history was second to none. We went on a cloudy day but do not let that discourage you from taking on this adventure, because it’s a helicopter the pilots have many more options to deliver a great experience clouds or not. The trip started with a safety brief and video then it was off to the chopper. The front seats were worth the extra money for sure!!! You get the very best views and a way better flight experience! Vince, you were awesome and your playlist ( which comes through everyone’s headphone ) was perfect!!! Great selection of music that paired well with the tour. I highly recommend this activity and would suggest booking it early in your stay as you will get some new ideas of places to visit once you get that birds eye view of the islands! A must do for sure!!!
In the Clouds!!!

Stan - December 29, 2022

The pilot, Cameron, was excellent and kept us well-informed. But yeah, money well spent. If there is a next time, we will choose the flight where we set down and get out and take some more beautiful pics!!! MAHALO!!!
Definitely worth it!

Eric C - December 23, 2022

Captain Kirk was amazing. Gorgeous flight, safe and my ladies had so much fun. Saw some whales too! Highly recommend
Great Experience

Steven M - December 16, 2022

An enjoyable activity! Rick, our pilot, was fantastic with the information that he shared throughout the ride. The experience was incredible, and there is so much to see from the air. You not only get to see things only visible by air, but you also learn a lot about Hawaiian culture and history. Rick would share different interesting tidbits about the culture and history.
Amazing experience from start to finish

Audrey J - December 7, 2022

The doors off helicopter tour was easily the highlight of our vacation! We paid the extra $50 each and reserved the front seats, which was well worth it. Vince, our pilot was an amazing guide. It was beautiful, exhilarating, informative, and then some. Would do it again in a heartbeat. Thanks for an unforgettable experience!
Waterfalls and Rainforest

Jacqueline N - December 7, 2022

Very beautiful view of Maui! It was inspiring to see the rainforest and waterfalls. Kameron was very knowledgeable and shared his love of the island. The ride was was also very smooth.