Awesome crew!

Shanna928 - September 17, 2022

Incredible trip out to Molokino with the best crew. They took great care of us and found the best spot for turtles. Awesome experience with my two adult daughters.
Must do - go for doors off!

TR_Plus5 - September 17, 2022

Breathtaking views. Smooth ride. Awesome pilot. This was so incredibly worth the cost as you can’t see many of these sites from the ground. Doors off was crazy amazing. The cliffs of Molokai were breathtaking. If I ever get back to Maui I would certainly do it again! Worth noting that parking is as described. Pay as you go in, then drive to the end where their office is. Easy to find.
Fabulous experience

kellythetraveler - September 15, 2022

Air Maui did a fabulous job and showing us the sites and engaging the whole group. We were lucky enough to sit by Captain Kirk but everyone had a great view and time. We'll definitely use them next time
Great time

Mariel - September 15, 2022

This was such nice activity and the views were just AMAZING. Just a suggestion for the crew if people it’s not wearing dar clothes you could borrow them a dark jacket. In our tour there were a couple that was wearing all white and was a hard time to see the views. And people please follow the rules if the say wear dark colors do it.
It is all about the pilot

djohnson7233 - September 15, 2022

Our pilot had so much character he gave such a great narrative tour it was a really neat thing to do. It was a little cramped in the helicopter if I have to say anything bad and they try to Gouge you for some pictures at the end which is kind of messed up. But it was an excellent trip!
Must do activity

mike k - September 14, 2022

This trip was amazing. I strongly suggest anyone going to Maui take a helicopter tour. I went on 2 with blue hawaiian I did this one and Maui spectacular. Absolutely amazing. Must do
Doors Off Molokai flight

Sokolovfam2022 - September 14, 2022

Whole family had a blast! Amazing views, experienced pilot, great crew on the ground. Getting the picture and video to take home was an added bonus.
A must do you will never regret it!!

ticeinsurance - September 14, 2022

Must do this !!!! a great time with the best pilot you could ever ask for!!! I know its not cheap but just do it one time!!

martpogore - September 10, 2022

We spent 45min of magic time . Unforgettable experience. Very save and a story teller as pilot. Thank you.
It was amazing

rafe anderson - September 8th, 2022

Took a door's off tour of west Maui and Moloka'i. It was amazing. I took advantage of their single seat special. I would recommend this for the doors off trip. The view is amazing. Thank you Nathan for a great flight!